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We deploy capital, expertise, and energy to turn the best ideas into impactful businesses- Allowing our Saudi innovators to flip from everyday business life to entrepreneurship’s life-changing possibilities.

Our Story

In the heart of Saudi Arabia’s tech scene lies CyberME, a visionary, a beacon of hope, and a group of passionate experts who came together to create the studio to provide the funding, support, and resources that the nation’s tech minds need to turn their game-changing ideas into world-changing companies.

Our Story

Initially, We focused on cybersecurity, taking five companies under our wing to light up the field. But our founders knew they could do more, and they boldly decided to expand services to support more industries such as tourism, insurtech, prop-tech, and more.

Our Story

This expansion marked a transformation for CyberME’s brand vision. Instead of limiting themselves to a single industry, CyberME committed to taking cross-industry startups on a methodology that’s much like the lunar cycle. It starts with a mere glimmer of an idea, blossoming into a fully-formed concept to take off to new heights of success, prosperity, moon perfection, and beyond.

Our Story

Our innovative new branding methodology takes inspiration from the moon’s journey to perfection, with four stages of success or as we like to call it, “lift-off,” “orbit,” “landing,” and “rewarding.”
We’ll work with you to take your idea to new heights, orbiting around potential investors and building momentum for the big landing. And once you’ve made it, we’ll celebrate your trophy in the rewarding phase like we just landed on the moon (because we basically did!).

Our Story

At its core, CyberME is driven by a deeper purpose than simply creating successful startups. We believe in making a difference, which is why we’re committed to guiding entrepreneurs through the four stages of success. With our unwavering support, startup-building expertise, and resources creating new solutions, transforming industries and changing lives serving the Saudi Vision 2023 and the world for generations to come.

Our Story

Indeed, It is with immense gratitude and appreciation that CyberME owes its success and journey to our investor, National Capital. National Capital’s investment in CyberME goes beyond financial support. It represents a partnership grounded in a shared purpose and a passion for creating a better future for Saudi startups. And As we continue to blaze a trail of innovation and transformation, National Capital’s contribution will forever be etched in the studio’s history as a crucial component of its remarkable journey.


Fueling the light of innovation in every startup we touch, igniting a spark of hope that guides startups through a transformative journey that mirrors the magic of the lunar cycle, from ideation to launch, growth, and success.


To be the guiding force behind the next wave of groundbreaking Industry-agnostic Saudi startups, empowering them with the resources and expertise needed to bring their ideas to fruition, nurturing them through the four stages of success, and lighting up the night sky with the brilliance of their achievements.


At CyberME, our culture is the heartbeat of our organization, fueled by a set of core values that are woven into the fabric of everything we do.


From how we present ourselves to the attention we give to even the smallest detail, we strive for elegance and refinement in everything we do.


At our core, we are a startup studio built on an unwavering dedication to our startups, investors, and team, focusing on delivering the best possible outcome.


Built over years of hard work and dedication. We're proud of the impact we've made and the reputation we've earned, and we're committed to continuing to build on that success in the years to come.


From approaching every project and challenge with a strategic, results-driven mindset, We believe that effectiveness is the key to achieving success, and we're dedicated to putting that belief into action every day.

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A startup studio is a company that creates new startups from scratch by developing and launching multiple businesses simultaneously. It offers support, resources, and expertise to entrepreneurs in various stages of the startup process, from ideation to launch and beyond. Startup studios differ from traditional accelerators and incubators by focusing on building startups in-house rather than simply providing support to external startups.
What sets CyberME apart is our commitment to creating new companies from scratch. We’re not just an incubator or accelerator – we’re a startup studio that’s dedicated to bringing fresh, innovative ideas to life. With our comprehensive support services and community of like-minded entrepreneurs, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.
We work with entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries, from tourism, martech, fintech, Proptech, Edtech, and Insurtech-to emerging technologies and cybersecurity. Our goal is to identify promising startup concepts and help bring them to market.
We offer a range of support services, including business development, fundraising, marketing, domain expertise, HR, legal services, and more. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and resources needed to help entrepreneurs succeed.
Anyone with a big idea and a passion for innovation is welcome to apply to work with CyberME! Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, we’re here to help you turn your vision into reality.
At CyberME, we’re proud to be a part of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to create a more diverse and innovative economy in Saudi Arabia. By supporting entrepreneurs and launching new companies across a variety of industries, we’re helping to drive this vision forward and build a brighter future for our country.
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