CyberMe Portfolio

Here at CyberME, we’re all about helping the rule-breakers, risk-takers, and boundary-pushers. We’re talking about entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to dream big and make it happen! We’re here to give those game-changers a chance to turbo-boost their growth in the Saudi market with secure digital transformation.
Founded in Saudi Arabia, 2 FAST is a growing startup that brought up an innovative identity and access management system (IAM) to empower organizations mentoring their employees’ and customers’ digital experiences and ensure that they can only connect to apps and destinations they are authorized to access. 2Fast sped to success, winning the Silver Award and a SAR 150K financial prize in the Cybersecurity Challenge hosted by NCA, Munshaat, and SITE.
Kensa provides comprehensive protection for mobile applications, ensuring security from development to real-world use. With static, dynamic, and interactive application testing, Kensa helps businesses develop trust in performance and security. Kensa’s expertise in the MENA market allows businesses to meet complex regulations while using security as a competitive advantage.
Cognna is a best-in-class AI-powered detection and response system that acts as the first line of defense against any attack with a multi-layered prevention approach that blocks known and unknown malware, fileless attacks, and exploits. Cognna’s hard work and dedication paid off with the Gold Award win and SAR 200,000 cash prize in the Cybersecurity Challenge by NCA, Munshaat & SITE.

A Saudi Arabian digital saving circle designed for people who are mainly interested in saving up with a trusted lending & saving platform. Money Loop is certified by the Saudi central bank, enabling you to customize your circle plan according to your proper amount of money, duration, and even pay-in and payout methods.

Moneyloop made its mark in the fiercely competitive startup competition (SOAR) by CODE (center of digital entrepreneurship), clinching an impressive second place in the competition hosted under Leap23.


Remora is an intuitive social investment platform that gives you every edge possible with advanced tools, personalized support, security, and the expertise & insights of key crypto influencers to empower you to invest and trade confidently. It is a thriving crypto community that connects everyday traders to expert investors to give them the potential to trade, learn, and thrive in a free-of-boundary world.