Registration and Assessment

Just like the moon starts a new cycle with a blank slate, aspiring entrepreneurs register their ideas through CyberME’s website and take an online personal test to assess their startup’s viability. It’s a time of discovery, where ideas start to take shape, and the potential of the startup begins to emerge.

Candidates Demo Day

As the moon begins to grow and take shape so too does the startup in the candidates’ demo day stage. Candidates present their pitches to CyberME executives, who assess the ideas based on their potential to succeed in the market. It’s a time of building momentum, where the startup orbits around potential investors and partners.

Startup Formation (1 Month)

This is the stage where the real work begins; the founders will work on creating a solid business plan, establishing their brand identity, and setting up their legal and financial structures. They will also begin to develop their marketing strategy and build their team of experts. By the end of this phase, the startup will be ready to move forward into the next stage, where it will begin the process of developing and testing its offerings.

Startup Development (4 Months)

Inspired by the full moon, this stage represents the peak of energy and growth. The founders will begin developing their product or service, testing and iterating until they’ve created something unique and valuable. They’ll also build out their technology infrastructure, working with developers and engineers to create a stable and scalable platform. This stage is all about building momentum and achieving lift-off.

Startup Launching (1 Month)

It’s a time for bold moves and creative experimentation as the startup takes its first steps into the market. During this stage, the founders will focus on creating a buzz around their startup, building hype and anticipation for the launch. They’ll work on launching their marketing strategy, developing a solid brand identity, building their customer base, and refining their marketing efforts. By the end of the stage, the startup will be poised for lift-off, ready to take its place in the market and make its mark on the world.

Graduation Day

The Graduation Day stage is the shining moment in the startup launching journey, where all the hard work pays off. Like a full moon shining brightly in the sky, startups showcase their pitches and demonstrate their potential to reach new heights of success. With CyberME’s guidance, support, and resources, startups have the momentum to make a big landing and attract potential investors. This is the stage where the magic happens, and ideas become tangible realities.

Spin-Out ( 3 Months)

As the moon begins to wane and prepare for the next cycle, so too does the startup on the spin-out stage. This is a time for startups to spread their wings, expand their offerings, create new products or services, and continue to grow. It is all about ensuring that startups have the resources they need to succeed and that they can continue to innovate and evolve over time.