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The role of investors in CyberME's success

At CyberME studio, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our investors play a vital role in driving growth and innovation in our portfolio startups, creating lasting impact in the government and private sectors. Together, we pave the way for a more connected and secure future.

Why Invest with CyberME Studio

Partnership with National Capital and licensing from the Capital Market Authority;

National Capital, a leading Saudi investment and financial firm, offers innovative asset and investment management solutions in line with Saudi Vision 2030. Their expert team specializes in alternative investments and unlisted investment products, catering to family investment institutions, experienced individual investors, and other entities. National Capital’s services cover various asset classes, including listed and private equities, money markets, debt solutions, M&A, and IPO advisory. With a client-focused approach, they tailor their offerings to align with individual needs and portfolio lifecycles, making a lasting impact on the Saudi Arabian economy.

Track record of success and strong focus on innovation and problem-solving

CyberME Studio has a proven track record of incubating successful startups in the FinTech and CyberSecurity sectors. We pride ourselves on fostering innovation and solving real-world problems through cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking ideas.

Comprehensive support for startups

At CyberME Studio, we offer a comprehensive range of services and resources to our portfolio startups, including mentorship, access to a vast network of industry experts, and tailored growth strategies, ensuring their long-term success and sustainable growth.

Investment Opportunities

Explore our diverse portfolio of innovative startups seeking investment. With opportunities spanning various industries and stages of growth, you can find the perfect match for your investment goals.
Investment Process

Overview of the investment process

Our streamlined investment process is designed to provide transparency and ease for investors. We guide you through every step, from evaluating startups to due diligence, ensuring a seamless experience.

Initial Inquiry
Submit your interest in investing with CyberME Studio through our online form, email, or phone call. Our team will promptly get in touch to discuss your investment preferences and objectives.
Curated Startup Selection
We will provide you with a carefully selected list of startups that align with your investment criteria. These startups have undergone our rigorous evaluation process to ensure they have strong growth potential and address real-world problems.
In-Depth Startup Analysis
For each startup, we will provide detailed information, including pitch decks, financial projections, and market analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions about your investments.
Investor Due Diligence Support
We will support you throughout the due diligence process by providing access to additional documents, facilitating discussions with startup founders, and addressing any concerns or questions you may have.
Investment Agreement
Once you decide to invest in a startup, we will facilitate the negotiation of investment terms and conditions to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement between you and the startup.
Ongoing Portfolio Management
Our team will continually monitor and evaluate the performance of your invested startups, providing you with regular updates, progress reports, and financial summaries.
Exit Strategy Guidance
We will work closely with you to develop and execute a well-timed exit strategy that maximizes your return on investment, whether it's through an IPO, merger, acquisition, or other liquidity events.

Startup evaluation criteria

We employ a rigorous evaluation process to select startups with strong growth potential, focusing on factors such as market size, competitive advantage, revenue model, and team expertise.

Due diligence process

To ensure the highest level of confidence in our investment opportunities, we conduct an in-depth due diligence process, examining each startup’s financials, legal standing, and potential risks

Investment terms and conditions

Our investment terms and conditions are designed to protect both investors and startups, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that encourages growth and innovation


CyberME Studio has been primarily concentrating on incubating startups in the FinTech and Cybersecurity sectors, delivering innovative solutions to address genuine challenges in both governmental and private sectors. We are now broadening our horizons by expanding our focus to include the tourism, proptech, and insurtech industries, while maintaining our emphasis on innovation, effective problem-solving, and robust growth potential.
Our investment size and stage can vary depending on the startup and its needs. We typically invest in early-stage startups but are open to considering opportunities at various stages of growth. The investment size is determined on a case-by-case basis, ensuring alignment with the startup’s requirements and the investor’s preferences.
CyberME Studio provides comprehensive support to its portfolio startups through mentorship, access to a vast network of industry experts, tailored growth strategies, and resources such as funding, market research, and business development. Our objective is to ensure the long-term success and sustainable growth of each startup.
Yes, CyberME Studio welcomes both local and international investors interested in investing in innovative startups. We are committed to providing a seamless and transparent investment process for investors worldwide, ensuring they have access to promising investment opportunities and the necessary support throughout the investment journey.



Investing with CyberME Studio has been a game-changer for my portfolio. The startups they support are truly innovative, and their comprehensive approach ensures long-term success
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